How about having something different from chocolate this Valentine, something light and refreshing like Panna Cotta?  Molded into a heart shape and arrosé with some red raspberry purée and raspberry liqueur, it will blow your Valentine's socks off ... if not, at least melt his heart! {or maybe the other way around? :-)}

 - 1 gelatin envelope
 - 1 Cup of milk
 - 1 3/4 Cup cream
 - 1/4 Cup sugar

 1. Add together the milk and gelatin and let it sit until the gelatin is all softened (pic 2)
 2. Add together the cream, sugar, and milk/gelatin mixture and simmer to dissolve. Keep stirring on stove set at medium heat for 2 minutes. (pic 3)
 3. Remove from stove, keep stirring until it starts to thicken.
 4. Pour into mold and refrigerate.
 5. Unmold when set and cold.
 6. Serve with a sauce of your choice. Here I use a mixture of raspberry 
purée and raspberry wine... slurp... sweet and tangy. 

~ O ~

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